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    Tradr now proudly supports 5 free website designs for small businesses to use to get online! Can you believe not all small business are online in 2015 – 98% of SME have a computer, only 54% use e-commerce for buying

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    2016 is shaping up to be a year of marketing upheaval. Traditional ad media will bite the dust, in terms of revenues. New advertising platforms will become mainstream. Are you prepared? 1. Video ads will start dominating. 2. App indexing

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    Tim Mazzarol over at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI) has all the reasons why small businesses need to get online and start making sales. Here are the main takeaway's that you need to know: The game has changed

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    1 week. Shop local only. Could you do it?    #shoplocal #localbusinessonly If you are living in Waterloo, then people like Juliana Gomez will tell you, YES YOU CAN. She did it for a week last year. This year it

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    I think that the “shop local” movement is also a movement to return to the idea of relationships. When you shop locally, you recognise that something that you are doing will directly impact a specific individual. The next time you step

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    26May Watch this short video (6 mins) on what happens when people shop from local small businesses. Here are the infographics from the video so you don't have to pause it! Why Buy Local?   Community Benefit from Shopping at

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    Tradr now hosts 4 Small Business Website Designs for Free! You can infinitely customise each one of these designs using our simple design customiser that lets you drag and drop to your hearts content. Check out the following demo website links! Feel

  • 6 Reasons Why Blogging is Great for Your Small Business

    Blogging Generates Traffic Google scans your website and indexes all of your posts and pages in their search engine. The more content you have generated, the more search results your business could appear in. Google likes new content so the if


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